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Past Investments

These companies were so interesting, bigger companies had to have them. We worked with the entrepreneurs in these companies to achieve great outcomes.

  • The most influential Vertical Advertising Network and Distributed Media Platform for Men 18-34. Verizon Acquired Complex Media April 2016 (NYSE: VZW)

  • Gravitant is a software company that enables enterprises and solution providers to become IT service brokers. IBM Acquired Gravitant November 2015 (NYSE: IBM)

  • Connecting digital books, newspapers and magazines with audiences. RR Donnelley & Sons Company Acquired LibreDigital August 2011 (NASDAQ: RRD)

  • Creates software that troubleshoots configuration problems and accelerates deployments of Java EE applications. BMC Software Acquired Phurnace Software December 2009 (NASDAQ: BMC)

  • Leader in enterprise communications security solutions delivering voice, video, collaboration and messaging to any device in any location. Avaya, Inc. Acquired Sipera Systems October 2011

  • StoredIQ’s active information management solutions enable organizations to gain visibility and control over Big Data and rapidly connect people to business-critical information. IBM Acquired StoredIQ February 2013 (NYSE: IBM)