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Resources for Entrepreneurs

  • Brian Recommends…Zero to One

    This book is a must read for entrepreneurs and those working in startups. Peter gives detail to many things we talk about in our firm, including: being 10x... More

  • Meeting One

    Every year at S3 Ventures, we evaluate hundreds of businesses as potential new investments. Many of those businesses make it into our office to present their business plan... More

  • S3 Cap Table Template

    A capitalization table, often referred to as the “Cap Table”, is simply a way to illustrate how much ownership each shareholder has in a business. While... More

  • S3 Operating Model Template

    As you might imagine, when the S3 Team is meeting with entrepreneurs and founding teams, funding needs are a common topic. When raising money, entrepreneurs should always be... More

  • Disciplined Entrepreneurship, recommended highly by S3

    Every day at S3 we see the benefits of a thoughtful, well-articulated and validated business plan.  In his book Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Bill Aulet gives excellent advice on how to... More

  • Brian Recommends…Eat People

    At S3, we want to work with game changing entrepreneurs.  Andy’s book identifies what game changing entrepreneurs do each and every day.  He has enumerated twelve helpful rules that... More

  • The Top Ten Leadership Blind Spots

    Over the past 5 years in the S3 portfolio, we have seen challenges related to the contribution and scalability of talent in key leadership positions. Using Allen’s tools developed... More

  • Charlie Recommends…Freakonomics

    The “Law of Unintended Consequences” typically refers to actions of people or the government that result in outcomes that were unanticipated, or, as the law states: unintended. Read Charlie's... More